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The Advantages of Hosting Your Server Hardware through Colocation Services for Business

Opting for colocation services for your business’s technology infrastructure comes with a multitude of advantages. Here are some of the standout benefits:

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Colocation providers house your equipment in cutting-edge data centers with redundant power and cooling systems. This leads to reduced energy consumption for your servers, resulting in significant savings on your monthly energy bills while promoting eco-friendly IT practices.

Disaster Recovery Enhancement: Colocation not only improves your daily operations but also fortifies your disaster recovery plan. By housing your servers offsite, you can drastically reduce downtime during natural disasters or unforeseen events. Backup power and robust connectivity at colocation facilities expedite recovery in case of an incident at your primary location.

Expert Engineering Support: Colocating your infrastructure grants you access to a team of expert engineers available 24/7, 365 days a year. These specialists swiftly diagnose and resolve server or application issues, eliminating the delay of waiting for an on-site technician.

Scalability and Flexibility: Colocation services are known for their scalability. As your business grows, you can effortlessly expand your IT infrastructure without managing a larger in-house server room. Adjusting server space, power, and connectivity requirements ensures your IT resources align seamlessly with evolving business needs.

Security and Compliance: Colocation facilities employ robust security measures like access controls, surveillance, and environmental monitoring. This safeguards your data and aids in adhering to industry regulations and standards.

Geographical Redundancy for Continuity: Many colocation data centers have facilities in diverse geographic locations, offering valuable redundancy for business continuity. In the face of regional disruptions, you can shift operations to another facility, minimizing business impact.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity: Colocation providers typically offer high-speed, redundant internet connectivity, ensuring a reliable online presence even during peak traffic periods. This supports digital growth and responsiveness to customer needs.

24/7 Monitoring and Security: Comprehensive monitoring and security measures are central to colocation facilities. Advanced surveillance, environmental controls, and access restrictions protect your equipment and data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access, physical damage, and data breaches.

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance: Colocation providers assist in meeting strict compliance requirements with features like audit trails, controlled access, and documented security measures, easing the navigation of regulatory challenges.

Focus on Core Functions: Outsourcing IT infrastructure management to a colocation provider allows your organization to prioritize core functions. Resources and efforts can be allocated to areas directly impacting strategic goals, while server maintenance, security, and scalability are managed by experts.

In summary, colocation services offer a wide array of benefits encompassing energy savings, disaster recovery, expert support, geographical redundancy, high-speed connectivity, security, compliance, monitoring, and the ability to focus on core functions. Partnering with a reputable LA colocation provider like Electric Kitten positions your organization for growth and resilience in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Small Details That Will Create a More Productive Environment

Summary: There are small details you can look into to make your working environment much more comfortable, which will ultimately boost employee productivity.


Creating a solid product or service that people will find helpful is crucial for any company hoping to attract loyal customers and expand operations. In order to create things people want, however, you need to have hard-working employees who are ready to put in the effort to make it a reality. Hiring good employees is important for any business in any industry, but knowing how to create an environment where your team can thrive is just as important. There are several small details you should look into to create a productive environment.


Room Temperature


In most offices employees could spend multiple hours either at their desk or in conference rooms, on a daily basis. How warm or cool it is in the office is one of those aspects managers may not think much about but comfort is one area that should not be ignored.


Keep the temperature indoors at a nice temperature that employees will feel comfortable at. Keeping the air on throughout the day will lead to a higher electricity bill, but people simply need to feel physically comfortable to do their best work.


Sound Treatment


Offices with lots of employees can get pretty noisy. Coworkers talking to one another, employees talking on the phone, and general office noises can ultimately create a fairly loud environment. All of these loud noises could easily make it tough for an individual to concentrate. Find out how you can have your office treated to prevent noises from being amplified off the walls.



How Security Centers Are Beefing Up Online Security

Summary: Security centers can help defend organizations from cyberattacks and patch up vulnerabilities in their systems.

The internet has made sending and receiving information incredibly easy to do. Most communication occurs online, such as friends talking to one another or coworkers sending each other the latest reports on their company’s operations. One of the dangers that comes with this degree of freedom is the possibility of unwanted groups gaining access to your information. There are hackers and businesses that are dedicated to collecting data, which they can then sell to others.

If an unwanted party gained access to a company’s private information, said company could be at risk of competitors obtaining sensitive data or assets getting tampered with. Security operations center desks can work with a company to keep a close eye on its security and analyze any potentially vulnerabilities that could harm the business.

Constant Improvement

One key way that security centers can make a company more secure is through the strategic detection and analysis of cyberattacks. Instead of setting up a line of defense for the client, a security center will actively work alongside the company to make sure that it is always secure. Companies like can implement cyber security operations centers that can constantly monitor. Whenever an attack is made, the centers can be used to detect it, prevent it from gaining information, and figure out how to patch the weak spot up. This is done to help prevent future intrusions.

Human Involvement

Computers are capable of performing extremely complex operations much quicker, and with much more accuracy, than many humans. However, a one-approach-fits-all kind of reaction is not always best. Having humans there to use the security systems and analyze issues as they come up has proven to be an effective method of beefing up security.