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How Outdoor Work Areas Increase Productivity

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What is the purpose of an outdoor work area? Some companies have spent significant amounts of money constructing an outdoor space where their employees can bring their work. Amazon and Microsoft have even built treehouses outfitted with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and meeting areas. It’s easy to see the appeal of working in the presence of nature. Long days indoors at the office can feel suffocating and monotonous. Working outdoors can feel like a welcome surprise that adds more variety to your workdays.

If you thought they were just a fancy trend for show, you may be surprised to hear what the data says. According to several studies, working outdoors exposes employees to nature, which results in several benefits for work productivity. Employees who work outdoors may experience improved concentration, creativity, memory, and problem-solving skills. Working outdoors is also effective for relieving stress and keeping employee morale high during challenging workdays.

If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor work area to your office space, you’ll need the right furniture and technological amenities. Make sure your outdoor work area has a stable Wi-Fi connection and power outlets. You may also need some outdoor wicker furniture for elegant, comfortable furniture that can resist the sun’s rays, along with moisture and unexpected rain. Also, don’t forget to add shade to shield your employees from sweltering heat on days that the sun shines brightly.

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