Net profit

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The dot com crash doesn’t mean the end of Web design prospects, writes Natasha Skrivankova.
A few years ago, if you had even a slightly creative bent, and knew what HTML stood for, you were on the autobahn of Web design the cyber expressway to big bikkies and online cred. Continue Reading “Net profit”


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YOU do not have to be a celebrity like Geri Halliwell or Britney Spears to have your own website: these days, it seems, almost everyone has one. Websites have become the modern-day calling card, not to mention the ultimate shop window, and it is not surprising that web designers are in huge demand. The good news is that you can learn how to do it yourself. Continue Reading “TRAINING – SPIN YOUR OWN WEB BY DESIGN”

Web Design: Join The Gold Rush

It is not surprising that the Internet revolution is often likened to the Gold Rush. The stampede into Internet business has created a whole new industry made up of companies and individuals with wildly varying experience and backgrounds.

¬†Web design is one of the most explosive areas of this new territory, and, as with other areas of Internet consultancy, it is not necessarily the design fraternity that is reaping the most rewards. Continue Reading “Web Design: Join The Gold Rush”