The Secret to Preserving Your Reputation Online

The Secret to Preserving Your Reputation Online

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Wondering how Coca-Cola or Apple have such a huge following? It’s all about branding, which is merely an extension of reputation management. With these techniques, you’ll reach audience members outside your sphere of influence. You also brand yourself as reliable, trustworthy, and a leader in your industry. Read on for tips to harness the power of reputation management.

Tracking Metrics
The first step is to determine which metrics are likely to have a visible impact on your business. Things like brand search terms, sales techniques, specific landing pages and others are important to track. Choose the ones that have the highest impact, then work backwards to see what you can track in relation to those points. Try tracking words like “scam,” and your competition online. You never know what you’ll uncover.

Create a Dashboard
A dashboard refers to a central location where you can view all of your relevant stats. This could be a report in Google Analytics, or it can involve several third party tools that track different metrics. Monitor your brand’s rate of engagement, and how often your messages are shared or retweeted. Focus on making these numbers as relevant, and as easy to find as possible.


Automate as much of the data gathering process as you can. It helps to have reports emailed directly to you, but you can also have reports that generate at a specific time of day. Set aside roughly 30-60 minutes daily to review this data so you can give yourself time to analyze and respond to new trends as they develop.