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How Reliable Is a Data Center?

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The business world is changing rapidly. There is an overwhelming demand for storing, maintaining, and the resultant analytics of that data. This is one of the reasons that businesses prefer the use of a data center over in-house and the cloud. The organization requires the kind of reliability, security, and uptime that you can only achieve at a data center.

Why not use one of the many cloud services? For all the convenience and depth in cloud services, there is an additional cost associated for the kind of reliability you would get from a physical data center and your own hardware. Maintaining a proper center required a significant amount of both hardware and software infrastructure.

Most data centers offer multiple redundancies for each of the critical systems. This includes power subsystems from multiple utilities, cooling, ventilation, fire suppressions, physical security, and staff monitoring every facet 24 hours a day. Some facilities even have backup gates for entry for emergencies. With the cloud this kind of reliability is not necessary for a single data center, as the expectation is that the customer can pay extra and use redundancy services within the cloud service.

Data centers are not simply server rooms outside your premises to host your hardware. The level of reliability in every system is not something that any in-house operation could match economically and would be cost prohibitive to get in a cloud service.

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How to Furnish a Small Space to Make it Look Larger

In big cities around the world now, it’s difficult to find homes and apartments at a price you can afford. This leaves many people living in small spaces where it may be hard to use traditional pieces of furniture. Whether this is your first home or your last, the way you furnish the space will make a huge difference. That’s why wicker furniture is such a good choice.

Make a list and check it twice

To begin with, make a list of all the pieces of furniture that you believe are necessary for your home. Most people need a sofa of some sort, an easy chair and several tables for the living room. In the dining area, a small table and two chairs may be enough. In the bedroom, you’ll need one or two nightstands, a dresser or chest of drawers and a small chair.

Tips for success

Stay away from large, clunky pieces of furniture. These won’t look good in a small space and they’ll make it harder to get around and be comfy. Instead, choose small, lightweight styles such as wicker furniture or rattan furniture. Select nice airy colors as well. Avoid dark shades. These only make a small space feel smaller.

When you’re ready to shop, visit Wicker Paradise where you’ll find dozens of styles and colors of both wicker furniture and rattan furniture. The website features wicker console tables, end tables and coffee tables. If you have an outdoor space, they also sell outdoor wicker furniture. The website has so much to offer with informative blogs to help you on your journey to furnish your new place in the latest styles with colors and designs that will feel cozy and impress your friends.

How Outdoor Work Areas Increase Productivity

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

What is the purpose of an outdoor work area? Some companies have spent significant amounts of money constructing an outdoor space where their employees can bring their work. Amazon and Microsoft have even built treehouses outfitted with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and meeting areas. It’s easy to see the appeal of working in the presence of nature. Long days indoors at the office can feel suffocating and monotonous. Working outdoors can feel like a welcome surprise that adds more variety to your workdays.

If you thought they were just a fancy trend for show, you may be surprised to hear what the data says. According to several studies, working outdoors exposes employees to nature, which results in several benefits for work productivity. Employees who work outdoors may experience improved concentration, creativity, memory, and problem-solving skills. Working outdoors is also effective for relieving stress and keeping employee morale high during challenging workdays.

If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor work area to your office space, you’ll need the right furniture and technological amenities. Make sure your outdoor work area has a stable Wi-Fi connection and power outlets. You may also need some outdoor wicker furniture for elegant, comfortable furniture that can resist the sun’s rays, along with moisture and unexpected rain. Also, don’t forget to add shade to shield your employees from sweltering heat on days that the sun shines brightly.

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Finding the Best Appliance Financing Deals on Black Friday

Blog provided by Curacao

Home and kitchen appliances are some of the most sought-after items on Black Friday and other big sales. Even if you plan to pay through an installment plan, make sure you don’t miss out by putting these items on your shopping list.


First-time homeowners may underestimate how much dishwashers cost, as their prices can reach the thousands. If you need the convenience of a dish cleaner in your home, you may want to look for high-quality dishwashers from Samsung or GE.


Refrigerators are both some of the most essential and some of the most expensive home appliances. That is why there are also some of the most popular on Black Friday. Find a good hi-tech refrigerator model such as a French door refrigerator during the sale.

Washers & Dryers

Clean clothes are another household necessity and the right washer or dryer can keep your clothes in good shape for years of use. Brands such as Maytag, LG, and GE are the heavy hitters in this category.

Robot Vacuums

While we’re on the subject of cleanliness, clean floors are also something every house needs. If you’d prefer to relax while your vacuum does the work on its own, considering looking for a robot vacuum such as a Roomba from iRobot.

Business Leaders That Contribute their Success to Meditation

Article written by Zhang Xinyue.

Meditation can help relieve stress and increase productivity. Here is a list of some CEOs that are well known who have used meditation techniques:

Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn, known as an online entrepreneur, who makes six figures net profit every month.In an interview, he explained at the beginning he was skeptical of meditation. But he then decided to try it out and learned how much it was able to help him manage an overwhelming amount of tasks and responsibilities.

Jeff Weiner
Weiner, the former executive of Yahoo, and currently know better as the current CEO of LinkedIn. In his schedule, he usually likes to take time out of his schedule to practice meditation. In an interview, Weiner said that this gives him time to think and improve his empathy and compassion, positively impacting his productivity.

Ariana Huffington

Most known for being the Huffington Post CEO, Ariana Huffington, has practiced meditation since she was a teenager. She is a very vocal advocate of meditation, even saying that it is has played a massive role in her success.

One of the best quotes about mindfulness comes from the CEO herself: “Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings.”

Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio who is a billionaire hedge fund manager, said very similar things to how practicing meditation impacts his work productivity, which he believes meditation is crucial to making right investment decisions in financial markets.

The great spiritualist leader, Teacher Zhang Xinyue, was born and grew up in China. Zhang Xinyue is an internationally renowned body-mind-spirit tutor, a spiritual therapist, and author of the book Create Abundance 创造丰盛.  Since the year 1999, she has devoted more than 15 years of her time to studying and practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. Check out Zhang Xinyue on twitter.

Why You Need EDI To Do Business With Walmart

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Walmart has been one of the largest retail brands in the world for many years now. It has thousands of suppliers across the world, and the ranks of suppliers are steadily growing day by day. You may want to bolster your own business through the power of a brand like Walmart. In that case, you’re free to sign up as a Walmart supplier, but there are several things Walmart will require of you.

In addition to complying with their health, safety, and insurance policies, you’ll need to comply with their EDI system. EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a process that uses software and hardware to facilitate the electronic exchange of documents. It’s important because it reduces human error and helps translate physical documents and information into a format Walmart and all its trading partners can interpret. By converting physical information into an EDI format, you won’t need to translate or convert documents into a form that is compatible with Walmart’s data system or vice versa, since the EDI software does it for you.

EDI can also facilitate the easy transmission of crucial details, such as package weight, contents, and arrival time. With so many trading partners and so many boxes of goods to keep track of, EDI is crucial to Walmart’s success, since it would cost too much time and resources to focus on communicating with all suppliers individually.

If you are planning to become a Walmart supplier, ACT Data has years of experience working with Walmart EDI. Contact them for the knowledge and expertise necessary for becoming EDI-compliant with the world’s most famous retail brand.

Website Design as a Career

Article by Pierre Zarokian

As many businesses now supply products and information via their Web sites, Web design has become a very hot area of IT. And very few people have all the
skills to meet the demand, particularly for those businesses moving into

Sure, a graphic designer with html (hypertext mark-up language), Javascript and
Photoshop skills can create a visually attractive site, but there is more to a
successful site than the graphics. The information needs to be structured so
that it is easy to access, without getting lost in the process.

If it is an interactive site, it needs to meet the needs of browsers, searchers
and, sometimes, shoppers. If it doesn’t, the business loses potential revenue.
The solution is usually to call in a Web design consultant. Read More “Website Design as a Career”

When Should You Hire a Digital Ad Agency?

Article provided by Submit Express.

The world of online advertising is always evolving, and with that comes a change in consumer habits and interests. To stay relevant in online marketing, it has become exceedingly important to have a digital advertising agency to take care of your online marketing needs. This is especially true if you’re new to internet advertising, are not fairly tech savvy, or are just busy trying to oversee your business. If that’s you, it’s imperative that you look into hiring an agency.

Digital Marketing Concept

A digital ad agency specializes in online advertisement and takes care of all the logistics and research behind reaching your target market. They’ve done the research and know what needs to be done. It takes a team of educated professionals to setup a proper ad campaign. Not only that, but an agency will also have the tools, contacts, and resources necessary to produce, monitor, and adapt your ad campaign to ensure maximum outreach.

By allowing a professional digital agency to manage your online marketing campaign, you will free up valuable time which would be better spent on growing your business. Online marketing is a full-time job for a group of seasoned experts who specialize in advertising. It would be impossible for you keep your ads relevant in a rapidly changing environment while managing the other aspects of your business. Leaving your online advertising to the experts is an investment in the growth of your business and money well spent.


Submit Express is a SEO Company in Los Angeles with an emphasis on libk building and content marketing techniques.

Ecommerce Strategies for Your Website

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Do you have an eCommerce website? Has it been underperforming or otherwise not getting you the kind of revenues you had hoped for? A lot of people are in the same boat. Many get sold a pack of lies when they start their website. They’re told it will be easy and that money will flow like it’s coming right out of the tap the moment you go live.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just a web presence these days. For example, you also need an internet shopping cart. It’s vital to the performance of your site. And you don’t just need any of the many shopping cart systems out there, you need the best one possible. The one that will provide the most security and the best look of the product your customer is about to buy.

You also need great copy to accompany all your products and services. It’s not just about sales copy, it’s about speaking in a tone and with words your market will be able to relate to.

So if your site is drowning right now, don’t give up. You can always turn things around.

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How to Back Your Company’s Data Up

Summary: Backing your data up is one of the most important things any modern company should be doing. Using proper techniques can keep all of your information secure.

You and your employees likely do a lot of work on computers. If something were to happen to those computers, such as the computers breaking in an earthquake or someone stealing them, how easily would you be able to resume operations? If you do not have all of your data backed up you could be in serious trouble.

The Cloud

There are various ways you can back your data up. There are some cloud services that make backing information up as simple as dragging and dropping or simply selecting folders to sync. Most of these services will give you a set amount of backup space for free but you can pay for larger amounts to accommodate your entire organization.

Coming up with a folder layout that your employees can follow can also help employees access crucial data on whichever trusted device they are on.

Physical Drives

The internet plays such a big role in what a lot of people do today but hard drives still have a role in the modern workplace. In addition to storing your data in the cloud you can invest in hard drives that you can keep in a guarded location. Even if you are just putting the drives in a safe, having another way of keeping your information secure can be beneficial if something does go wrong with your other backup methods.

The more ways your company data is backed up, the lower the chances of your company losing months or years of hard work are. This can save you both valuable time and money.